skwitth’uts | Steller’s Jay

Steller’s jay – skwitth’uts
[Cyanocitta stelleri (Gmelin) (Steller’s jay)] • Steller’s jay, locally well-known as “blue jay”, is between a crow and a robin in size. The Steller’s jay has beautiful blue on its body, and black feathers in the head crest.

>>>When you hear the word skwitth’utsalus that means a navy blue colour— the colour of the Steller’s jay.

skwitth’uts | Steller’s jay

’uy’enwus tthu skwitth’uts.
Jay is bold.

tl’eqt tthu sxuxi’nus ’i’ tse’tstl’im’shun’ hwthiqun.
He hops with his long legs and makes loud sounds.

nan ’uw’ qun’qun’ ’i’ yath ’uw’ kwunutus tthu tth’utth’uhalsth tthu ts’lhsqw’ulesh.
Jay is a thief and he raids other nests and steals the eggs of his fellow birds.

shletth’ul tthu skwitth’uts stu’e ’utl’ spaal’.
Jay is smart like the raven.

stsuw’et kws si’si’stuhws tthu mukw’ sqw’ulesh.
They are very smart because they simply scare away all the other birds.
Hul’q’umi’num’ description by Harvey George | swutthus.

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