skw’qeqe’ | robin

robin – skw’qeqe’
[Turdus migratorius Linnaeus] • The robin is a well-known and common bird, noted for its brick red breast and regular appearance in lawns and numerous other habitats.

skw’qeqe’ | robin

kwulalu’alus tthu ts’xemuns thu skw’qeqe’ sqw’ulesh, tsq’ix tthu ni’ ’u tthu slhuq’we’lhs.
The robin has an orange chest and its back is black.

’i’ hay tthu shlhakwul’sth hay luluts’alus ’i’ tsq’ix tthu sxuy’usth.
Its beak is yellow and it has a black head.

hay tthu qulum’s hay tsq’ix ’i’ thu shp’q’eelhs.
Its eyes are black and white.

tthu ni’ lhey’xtus tthu skw’qeqe’ ’i’ qux kwus nuts’tul:
Robins eat many different things:

ni’ tthu stth’oom, stth’ukw’, ’i’ tthuw’ ’uli’i’mush ’ul’ ni’ ’u tthu tumuhw, mumuxelh, shtth’um’iwun tthuw mukw’ ’ul stem ni’ tl’uw’ lhey’xtus.
berries, worms, and little things that walk on the ground such as caterpillars, as well as all kinds of seeds.

hay kwus wulh m’i yu kw’akw’usthut ’i ni’ hwu qux kwus m’i hwiwul.
When the weather starts to warm up, we see many of them.

tthu ni’ shni’s kws thuyuw’t-hwums thu slheni’ ’i’ ni’ tl’lim’ uw’ st’e’ uw’ niis ’uw’ skwekwul’t kws ’uwus lumnewut ’u ni’ ’uy’stuhw kws q’aq’i’ute’wut.
The female is the one who builds the nest and the nest has to be hidden so no predators would see it.

’i’ nilh tthu swuy’qe’ ni’ hw’uw’tsust tthu mumun’lh kws lhxilushs ni’ ’u tthu thqet shni’s tse’ kwsus thay’thut.
And it’s the male who teaches the little ones to stand on trees and trains them.
Hul’q’umi’num’ description by Ruby Peter | sti’tum’at and Sonya
Charlie | luschiimtunaat.

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