spaal’ | Raven

raven spaal’
[Corvus corax Linnaeus] • This common bird is similar to the northwestern crow, but larger and with a heavier beak. Ravens are intelligent birds that can produce various calls. They will feed on a variety of foods.


kwune’tus tthu sqwul’qwul’ tthu tsiitmuhw, tthu spulqwitth’e’ ‘i tthu spaal’, q’uleeqe’, nilh yath ’uw’ kwuneem’ tthu sqwul’qwul’, lhalhukw’st-hwus tthu sqwul’qwul’.
The horned owl, the screech owl, the raven, and the crow all carry messages.

’imushst-hwus hulilumnuhwus ’u tthu hwulmuhw ’i’ nilhs suw’ tul’nuhw kws ni’ tse’ tthu tiya’xween’.
They fly around and deliver messages to many places and to people and when our native people see the raven they always know that there is going to be some sort of a message about problems.

hay tthu spaal’ nan ’uw’ xut’us-hwus tthu s’ule’luhw skwati qwul’qwul’ ’uy’st-hwus kws hiiw’tth’e’nuqs.
The elders used to say that raven is crazy, that he’s always tricking people and teasing.

quxulh sqwul’qwul’s tthu hwul-hmuhw tthu sht’es tthu spaal’.
The elders used to tell a lot of stories about the raven.

tsq’ix tthu spaal’.
Raven is black

tl’uw’ tsq’ix tthu shlhakwul’s, ’uhwiin’ ’ul’ kwus tuw’ hwihwukw’ul’.
His beak is lighter black, there’s a lighter grey on it.

tuw’ muqw’ tthu muqsuns ’e’ut tuw’ ’uhwiin’ ’ul’ kws spapi’.
His beak is kind of rounded and bent a little.

tsq’ix nem’ ’uw’ tus ’u tthu shtl’p’i’snutsth.
But he is totally black right to his tail.

tuw’ hwihwukw’u’a’lus tthu sxuxi’nus, na’ut ‘uw’ tuw’ tl’e’luqt.
His legs are kind of dark grey, he’s got long legs.

tl’e’luqt tthu qw’xwa’luw’tsus.
It has long talons.

’uwu nanus ’uw’ thi sxuy’us.
His head isn’t very big.

tuw’ tsq’e’lux tthu qulum’s.
and its eyes are black.

qwul’hwthi’num aaxx aaxx aaxx. hwu nuts’qun ’u tthu q’ul’eeq’e’.
It’s sound is very loud: aaxx aaxx aaxx. And it’s different from the crow’s sound.

hwthiqun tthu shqwultuns.
Its voice is loud.

stem tthu s’ulhtuns.
What does it eat?

mukw’ulh stem lhey’xtus tthu ni’ q’aaytus tthu stqeeye’.
What the wolves kill, it eats what is left over.

’i’ nilh ’uw’ tl’uw’ q’a’ tthu lhuy’xtus haythunmuns tthu mustimuhw, sqw’ul’qwul’.
And they also eat people’s left overs.

’uy’st-hwus kws qequn’s ts’its’ulut-suts’uts’ul’a’mut-s ’u tthu s’ulhtuns
He likes stealing food from other birds.

’uwu nuts’iws ’ul’ tthu ni’ ststa’lus stthu spaal’.
Ravens don’t change their mates.

ni’ sq’a’s ’u tthu shtes kws hulis ni’ sta’lusth.
They keep the same mate their whole life.

’uwu kws tey’ti’qul’, ’uw’ nan’ts’a’ ’ul’.
They don’t move from the one place.

ni’ sht’e ’u kw’ ’apun ’i’ kw’ lhihw sil’anum kws hulis tthu spaal’ ni’ ’u tthu hwthuthiqut.
They live about 13 years living in the forest.

’i’ ha’ ni’ te’tsulhshe’ sil’anum kws hulis tthu spaal’ ’u kwsus ni’ tthu lelum’ut ’i’ hwu ni’ ’u tthu mustimuhw kw lelum’ute’wut.
And ravens can live up to 80 years when they are living in captivity.

’i’ ni’ te’tsulhshe’ sil’anum kws hulis.
And they live for 80 years.

quxulh sqwul’qwul’s tthu mustimuhw ’u tthu spaal’ kws sht’es kws stsuw’et-s kws xets-s tthu sul’uthut-s, mukw’ ’ul’ stem ni’ sul’uthut kws ts’ula’mut ’u tthu s’ulhtun.
There were many stories about Raven, how smart he was, all the things that he did, tricking people, and tricking other birds.

quxulh sqwul’qwul’ kwus sht’es kws hwu mutth’un’qi’num’s ’u kw’un’a wulh hith.
There were many stories about Raven about how he was a trickster who used to lie and trick.

tthu nilh sqwiil’qwul’s tthu s’ul’eluhw ’i’ xut’ustum’ kws skwatis tthu spaal’.
mukw’ stem s’ul’uthut-s.
The Elders used to tell stories about how crazy Raven was and what all he was doing.

’uy’st-hwus kws hiiw’tth’e’nuqs.
He likes to fool people.

’imushst-hwus tthu spaal’ tthu sqwul’qwul’.
He brings messages.

ha’ ni’ kwthu tsamut ’i’ wulh qwiil’qwul’.
If something happens he’ll be talking about it.

hwthiqun kws qwiil’qwul’s.
He talks loudly.

quxulh ni’ sqwul’qwul’s tthu mustimuhw tthu niilh shte’s tthu spaal’ kws tthu sul’uthut-s kwsus hiiw’tth’e’nuq.
The people had a lot of stories about how Raven tricks people.

nilh ni’ tuw’ ha’kwush tthu xut’ukw’ ’u tthu syalh ’i’ ni’ tl’uw’ sq’a’ tthu sq’uq’a’ tthu spaal’ sxuy’usth, sxuy’us ’utl’ spaal’ kwus ni’ tthu xut’ukw’.
They use that, carving on the wood, and they put Raven’s head on there, Raven’s head.

nilh ni’ tl’uw’ ha’kwushus tthu hwulmuhw ’u tthu swe’s thuytum tthu xut’kw’um’ tthu syaalh sht’e ’u tthu spaal’.
This is what the First Nations people use for when they are making wood carvings of Raven.

nilh tl’uw’ tl’i’st-hwus tthu hwulmuhw tthu sht’es tthu spaal’ kws sqwiil’qwul’s ’u tthuw’ mukw’ stem.
So, the First People also cherish all the different stories about Raven.

hay ’wum ’uw’ hay ni’ shtatul’st-hween’.
So that’s what I know.

hay ch q’a’.
Thank you.

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