The Story Team

Roxanne Seymour Watiqweye
I am from Stz’uminus, a mother of two, a teacher’s assistant for our school, and an MA student in the SFU Hul’q’umi’num’ language program. I especially appreciate the way that knowledge of the language opens the path to understanding our teachings and ways.
Margaret Seymour C’ul’cimiye’
I am from Stz’uminus and I am currently finishing my BEd at VIU and MA from SFU. I obtained my passion for teaching from my grandparents, Thelma David, Lena David, and Madeline Seymour and my parents. Perry and Elaine Seymour. I am a proud mother of six and grandmother of four.
Bernadette Sam Sti’tum’atulwut
’een’thu Sti’tum’atulwut, tun’ni’ tsun ’utl’ kwa’mutsun. kwthunu menulh Ronald Peter ’i’ lhunu ten Ruby Peter Sti’tum’at. Her parents were Basil and Cecelia Alphonse. I am truly honored to be learning the Hul’q’umi’num’ language. I have three children and four grandkids, who are avid learners of our language.
Mandy Jones Yutustanaat
’een’thu Yutustantaat, tun’ni’ tsun ’utl’ Snuneymuxw. kwunu menulh George Wyse tenulh Marge Thomas. I am a Hul’q’umi’num coordinator for School District 68 and am an MA student at SFU. I am married to Andy Jones and have two children, Georgina and John.
George Seymour Sq’utxulenuxw
I am from Stz’uminus, where I was raised speaking our language. I am an MA student and a language mentor for the SFU Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Academy and for Cowichan Valley School District 79. I keep busy carving, smoking fish, gathering seafood, and other traditional pursuits.  
Thomas Jones Kweyulutstun
I am from Snuneymuxw First Nations, and I am an MA student and a language teacher in the SFU Hul’q’umi’num’ language academy. I am active in the Coast Salish cultural community as a public speaker, artist, researcher, and paddler. My message to all: “yath ch ’uw’ qwa’qwul’ tthun’ sqwal!”
Gena Seward-Wilson Yutustanaat
I am a mother of three and we live in Nanaimo, where I teach Hul’q’umi’num’ for school district 68, following in the footsteps of my grandfather George Wyse and aunt Mandy Jones. I hope to teach my children and nieces and nephews Hul’q’umi’num’. I am an MA student at SFU.
Carol Louie T’ut’si’aat
I am from Xwul’qw’selu. My late mother was Donalda Louie Sla’quliye’ and my late father Francis Louie Xutth'xutth'uluq. I am a language teacher for Cowichan Valley School District 79 and an MA student in the SFU Hul’q’umi’num’ program. You will find many traditional values in my stories.
Ivy Seward Tultelumat
I am from the Saanich First Nations. I am a language teacher and an SFU MA student. I am also a person who has lived a life of learning the First Nations traditions and who enjoys helping to pass them on to our youth. My goal is to become fluent in the Hul’q’umi’num’ language.
Claudia Sylvester Siya’mulwut
I am from Xwul’qw’selu. My grandparents are the late Wilfred and Sara Sylvester. My parents are Darlene Sylvester Sunatiye’ and Arvid Charlie Luschiim. I am a Hul’q’umi’num’ teacher for Cowichan Valley School District 79, and an MA student in the SFU language program.
Sonya Charlie Luschiimtunaat
I am a busy mother and an MA student at SFU. My parents are Darlene Sylvester Sunatiye’ and Arvid Charlie Lushiim, from whom I inherited a love for my language and the importance of my cultural heritage. I enjoy doing research and look forward to passing our language on to the upcoming generations.
Samaya Jardey Kwathawsulwut
I carry my name from my grandmother on my father’s side. I am from Snuneymuxw. I am an SFU Ph.D. student researching the relationship of language and well-being.
Colleen Manson Xwukweybux
’een’thu Xwukweybux. tun’ni’ tsun ’utl’ snuneymuxw, kwunu menulh Howard Manson (Adam and Emily Manson) ’i’ lhunu tenulh Eleanor Manson (Richard and Pearl Wyse). I am a language teacher for School District 68.  ’uy’ nu shqweluwun kwunus ’i ta’tul’ut tu Hul’q’umi’num’ sqwel.
Lauren Schneider
I am a PhD student from Bellingham, Washington, where I live with my husband Zach. I completed a BA in Linguistics at Western Washington University and an MA in Linguistics at Trinity Western University. Although I have just begun learning Hul’q’umi’num’, I am excited to be a team member on this project.
Zack Gilkison
I come from Pestun, the state of Washington, and my linguistics studies at SFU have brought me to the beautiful Cowichan Valley, where I am honored to be learning Hul’q’umi’num’ and using my computer skills to help create language materials.
Harvey George Swutthus
I am a language teacher for Cowichan Valley School District 79, and I am also an SFU student in the MA in Linguistics of a First Nations Language Program. I serve as a language mentor in the SFU Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Academy.
Roberta Charlie Yuleqtunaat
I am from Somena. I work for the Cowichan Tribes as a Hul’q’umi’num’ teacher at the daycare. I was raised in a family with strong beliefs in the culture and tradition and I follow these teachings closely in my life. I am working toward my MA degree from SFU.
Laura Antoine Lhquamtunaat
I work for Cowichan Valley School District 79 and I am an MA student at SFU. Raised in a traditional family, I always try to bring a deep respect and seriousness to my cultural practice. I hope that my work and stories will be an inspiration to the younger generation.
Sally Hart

My father is Dodie (George) Barker from Pun’eluxutth’ and my mother the late Adelaide Lapp from Chemainus. I am a PhD student at SFU, a language teacher for the Hul’q’umi’num’ Language Academy, and an avid artist and musician. My PhD research focuses on Hul’q’umi’num’ ethnoscience.

Donna Gerdts Sp’aqw’um’ultunaat
I am a professor at Simon Fraser University and a teacher in the Hul’q’umin’um’ Language Academy. We thank the Cowichan Valley Museum for inviting us to curate this exhibit with such beautiful photographs.

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