tsiitmuhw | Great Horned Owl

great horned owl – tsiitmuhw
[Bubo virginianus (Gmelin)] • This is the largest and best known of the common owls. Great horned owls are dark brown and grey with mottling and streaks below and ear-tufts or “horns”. They feed on a variety of mammals and other birds. The distinctive “hoo-hoo-hoo” call of this species gives rise to another common name: “hoot owl”.

tsiitmuhw – great horned owl

tthu tsiitmuhw ’i’ hay ’ul’ thuhiws.
The great horned owl is a big bird.

yath ’uw’ ni’ ’u tthu hwthuthiqut.
He is always in the forest.

mukw’ ’unstu shtun’ ni’s tun’ni’ ’u tthu tuywut ’i’ tthu xut’ustum’ Central America.
He is everywhere, from the north to what is called Central America.

hay ’ul’ thithu ’i’ luluts’alus thu qulum’s tthu tsiitmuhw ’i’ tthu shlhakwulsth tuw’ spapi’.
The eyes of the owl are big and yellow and his beak is crooked.

’i’ hay tthu qw’xwa’luw’tsus tl’e’luqt nilh hay ’ul’ ’uy’ huy’tuns ’u kwsus hil’xuw’e.
and his long talons are good weapons for hunting at night.

tthuw’ mukw’ ni’ ’u tthu hwthuthiqut ’u kwsus ni’ tthu tuw’ xisul’.
Owl watches over the forest for danger.

sisul’uwul’stun’uq tthu tsiitmuhw ni’ tuw’ qux tthu ni’ sht’es kwus we’ kwsus ni’ tthu t-suseen ni’ tse’ tsukwsta’mut.
and can reveal many events, like when something bad is going to happen

we’ kws niis tthu q’ay.
Or even if somebody is going to die.

nilh hay ’ul’ shstsuw’et-s kws le’lum’utus tthu hwthuthiqut ’u tthu snet.
Owl is the best at watching the forest at night.

’uw’ hay kwthu ni’ st’e’ ’u kw’u ni’ stutul’na’mut ni’ xwum ’i’ tul’nuhw tthu ni’ sht’es kwsus qwiil’qwul’ ’u tthu t-suseen.
If you open your mind, you can understand how he is speaking of trouble.

’i’ ha’ ch stutul’na’mut ’i’ ni’ ch tul’nuhw tthu ni’ i’mushst-hwus sqwul’qwul’.
If you open your mind you can understand the messages he brings.

ni’ hay. hay ch q’a’.
That’s all. Thank you.

Hul’q’umi’num’ description by Ruby Peter | sti’tum’at and Mandy Jones | yutustanaat.

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